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Minutes CLARENCE TOWNSHIP - Regular Meeting July 10, 2017

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Supervisor R. Fisher.


Present: Present: R. Fisher, L. Kubiak, W. Obrinske, S. Proteau and S. Ott.

MINUTES:The minutes of the June 12, 2017 meeting were presented.
Moved by S. Ott and supported by W. Obrinske to accept minutes as printed. Approved.

The Treasurerís report was received with $854,275.12 in fund monies. Motion by L. Kubiak and supported by W. Obrinske to accept the Treasurerís report subject to audit. Roll call taken 5 ayes 0 nays.

GUEST SPEAKER: Gary Tompkins 7th District County Commissioner: Talked about the Federal aid road project on 27 1/2 mile road form O Drive North to S Drive North bids to be received in August and work to start in September or October. He also talked about the Road funding Formula in Michigan that is part of this monthly newsletter.

CITIZENS COMMENTS: 12 citizens present: No comments at this time.

CORRESPONDANCE: Zoning officer sent out letters for Zoning Ordinance Volitions to three residents one on Anderson Drive and two on 26 Mile Road.


Fire Board: Fire Board: Linda: The new fifth member of the Fire Board will be Terry Siefert from Clarence Township. Motion by L. Kubiak and supported by W. Obrinske for the Board to look at an ordinance that could recover cost on excessive emergency response. 4 ayes 1 nay .

Calhoun Road Dept.: Walt: None.
Planning Commission: Sue: Public Hearing on Temporary Large outdoor gatherings has been sent to the Calhoun Planning Commission and sent to the Township Board to be acted on at the August 14th meeting  
Website: Ken Cool: No Report.
Five Year Township Recreation Plan: Bill Taylor: No Report.

OLD BUSINESS: Cypress Creek Renewables, L.L.C. is not interested in the Township property for solar panels due to the sewer monitoring wells.

The hunting land is being leased for another year.

Proposed Amendments to the Township Ordinance will be at the August meeting.


PAY BILLS: Motion by L. Kubiak supported by S. Ott, to pay bills for the end of June in the amount of $6,694.95 Roll call vote taken: 5 ayes 0 nays: Approved
Motion by L. Kubiak supported by S. Ott to pay bills for the first part July in the amount $14,958.81
Roll call vote taken: 5ayes 0 nays Approved.

Motion by L. Kubiak and supported by S. Ott to adjourn the meeting at 7:40.M.

Next regular meeting August 14th, 2017 at 7:00 PM.
Sheryl Proteau

Sheryl Proteau Clarence Township Clerk