Clarence Township, Calhoun County Michigan

Clarence Township News - Minutes of Township Meetings and Other News

Minutes CLARENCE TOWNSHIP - Regular Meeting September 9, 2019

CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order at 7:00 P.M. by Supervisor R. Fisher.


Present: R. Fisher, W. Obrinske, L. Kubiak, S. Ott and S. Proteau

MINUTES: The minutes of the August 12, 2019 meeting were presented.
Motion by W. Obrinske and supported by L. Kubiak to accept minutes as printed. Approved

TREASURER REPORT: The Treasurerís report was received with $582,143.72 in Township Funds. Motion by L. Kubiak and supported by W. Obrinske to accept the Treasurerís report subject to audit. Roll call taken 5 ayes 0 nays

GUEST SPEAKER: Gary Tompkins 7th District County Commissioner: At the August 15th Commissioner meeting they turn away another attempt at returning roads to gravel on a 3-3 tie vote. Wave local funding for the balance of 2019. Healthy babiesí day is slated for September 14 at the Albion Community Center. Talked more about roads.

Gary Ott Springport/Clarence Fire Chief was here to answer question about Fire and Rescue runs. Lot of question about how long it takes to get to a fire or rescue from Springport, Chief Ott answered all question, of the residents.

A Petition for speed bumps on Anderson Drive was hand in from Chris Breedveld with 62 names. Supervisor Fisher has talked to the Director of the Road Department and there will be no speed bumps on Anderson due to liability.

CITIZENS COMMENTS:  25 citizens present and the questions were for Chief Ott.

CORRESPONDANCE: Supervisor Fisher sent a letter to the County Road Department on Resolution to permit limited waiver on Policy .509. He is against the Road Department pulverizing any Township blacktop roads and replacing the blacktop with gravel.


Fire Board: Fire Board: Linda: Next meeting will be October 21, 2019.

Calhoun Road Dept.: Walt: No Report.
Planning Commission: Sue: Next meeting will be September 10th.
Website: Ken Cool: None.
Five Year Township Recreation Plan:  Linda Kubiak: Next meeting will be September 10h at 9:30 am at the Township Hall.

OLD BUSINESS: Final payment to Road Department for completion of skip paving on M Drive North, $35,768.54

NEW BUSINESS:Sewer Departmentís truck is 14 years old with 40,000 miles, took bids for a new ĺ ton, auto trans, air, snow pow package and trailer package. We received bid form 6 vendor: Vendor form Marshall Cole 27,506.00, Caron Chevy $24,065.00, Bosher Ford 22,203.00, Vendor Albion: College $25,861.00. Albion Ford 34,473.56 and Home Town 30,677.00. Motion by Linda Kubiak and supported Sue Ott to accept Bosher Ford of Marshall for $22,203.00. Roll Call Vote Taken: Kubiak yes, Obrinske yes, Ott yes, Proteau yes and Fisher yes. Motion approved

Special Assessment for Aquatic Weed control on Duck Lake; The Duck Lake Association voted to keep the present assessment of $50.00 per lake lot. Motion by Sue Ott and supported by Walter Obrinske to approve the Duck Lake Association recommendation for $50.00 per lake lot. Roll call vote taken: Obrinske yes, Ott yes, Proteau yes, Fisher yes, Kubiak yes. Motion approved

Amending Sewer Department Budget: to transfer to 590-000-000-699-000 $22,300.00 and 590-000-000-970-000 total amended budget $581,200.00


PAY BILLS:Motion by L. Kubiak supported by W. Obrinske to pay bills for the end of August in the amount of $40,242.07
Roll call vote taken: 5 ayes 0 nays Approved
Motion by L. Kubiak and supported by W. Obrinske to pay bills for the first part of August in the amount of $65,179.67.
Roll call vote taken: 5 ayes 0 nays Approved.

Motion by L. Kubiak supported by S. Ott to adjourn the meeting at 8:07 p.m. Approved

Next regular meeting October 14, 2019. Sheryl Proteau Clarence Township Clerk